Monday, January 27, 2014

Fitness and Health

Hi Ladies,

Right now, I would like to write about Fitness and Health.

As you know that I am 36 year-old with 3 children and my height 153cm.

On 10th January 2014, I was like I want to measure myself again after I feel like I lost track of my diet and exercise routine. Last time I measure myself was at May 2013.

I think around October 2013, I keep indulging myself with Cake, Aiscream and Starbuck Frapuccino (at least twice weekly) and hardly exercise.

So for 2014, I want to anylize back and want to take action and setting myself goal... so by the end December 2014, I can trace back all my activities and check whether I achive my Goal.

I know I can do this even though I don't have the time ... BUT ... I will MAKE the time no matter how busy I am.

My fitness goal achievement 2014: Tone Legs, Strong Abs and Diminish Fat at my back.

Who is my inspiration ... well maybe you are going to laugh reading this :) My inspiration are Victoria's Secrets Model .... all the supermodel are MOTHER .... they have chidlren and yet they looking like that. They all really working hard and eating well. Here are the links showing that they all working hard

Beside that I do follow youtuber Fitness Expert and I include the routine into my Fitness routine which I will write in the future :)



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